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Dear Wade and Carolyn,

"My brother and I would like to thank you for the professional way you handled the recent estate sale of my mother's home in Wheaton. We both live away from the area, and when I had to find someone to handle the sale, I had to count on the internet for sources. Your name appeared and I made a phone call.

Out of all of the people I spoke to about sales, Carolyn was the first to get back to me and made it her business to come over to the house when I happened to be in town. From the very beginning of our conversations, she seemed very professional and competent. I also had the opportunity to visit a sale in Glen Ellyn while I was in town, and Wade was kind enough to show me around and explain how things were set up, priced and how sales were handled.

My brother and I had to put our trust in you when it came time to choose a firm to handle the sale. According to him and the pictures he sent, you set up the environment in a very pleasing manner, with objects visible and clearly marked. Your pricing was appropriate and the overall staging was very inviting.

We didn't really know what to expect after the sale was over, but my brother was again impressed with Monica and the others he met who spent long hours clearing out the unsold items, cleaning up the house, and then were able to present him with a check within 24 hours of the end of the sale.

We were so fortunate to find you to handle this for us. We sincerely appreciate the honesty shown by everyone working with you, and the care you took with our family home.

Thank you for doing an excellent job for our family."

Charlottesville, VA


"Carolyn Posh did an excellent job with my estate sale from start to finish. She is very thorough and knowledgeable about furniture (antiques, etc.). She is also a very fair and gracious lady along with her staff.

I would have her again in a heartbeat!"

Madeline B.


"NICE MATTERS!!! Pleasant, gracious, helpful. I visited your estate sale in Aurora on 2/23. You were organized, everything was clearly marked, and best of all, your prices were fair. You were professional and respectful of the client's home, yet gracious towards your buyers. I've been to other sales where this is not the case, and that makes for an unpleasant experience. Keep up the good work ladies. Your gracious manner places you head and shoulders ahead of many other in this business."

Mary Ann H.


Glen Ellyn, Illinois area

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